Last updated December, 2014


  1. The International Urban Wildlife Conference will be held during May 17-20, 2015, in Chicago. Please see the CALL FOR ABSTRACTS. Abstracts for Symposia and Presentations are due January 15, 2015. Please check the conference website and facebook page for conference updates.
  2. We have a Facebook page! Please like the page to learn more about the working group and urban wildlife in the news!  
  3. We are working to improve the working group website. We would like to start by adding a brief summary of our individual urban wildlife research projects, along with a link, if possible, to a project website that describes the research in more detail.  If you have a photo related to the project that she can post along with the project summary, that would improve the aesthetic value of the information on our working group website. You can reference the existing working group webpage for examples ( Please email with the requested material or to get more information.  Thanks for your assistance with website improvement.